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Easy Living is a site dedicated to those looking for easy things to make life well, Easy. From Easy recipes, to Easy Home decor projects. Some ideas are original and some borrowed from other internet sources, Sharing easy tips for you in one convenient place should make life easier for you and your family.

               December 19, 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Happy Holidays Readers,                                                                                                                         Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes in the coming new year.

                                                                             Keep it easy!                                                                                                                                                Yvonne D.                                                                                        

               Happy August 30, 2015 Readers,

       If youve noticed I havent posted much, My laptop quit working. And my daughter Brooke got a summer job

and everytime i sat down to borrow her laptop she was not home to enter passwords for updates needed to post on my site. Basically Technical Difficulties,lol. Now that her summer job is over we can get back into business.

 Hope you all had a wonderful summer. Mine was okay, My car broke down as well, lost the engine, "Sarah" will be missed, Ha ha , Yeah I named my car , My new to me car is named "Agnes" a Buick that needs works but runs well. Another oldie but goodie.

My bestie from childhood became a grandmother, I became a grandma last year. I always knew Id be young as I had my firstborn right outta highschool. My grandson turns to 2 in October. As a single mom of 2 boys, before age 20. I even held a job and went to college, Having kids doesnt stop you or shouldnt.you can have kids and still live a life, people, and I oughta know. I travel, when budget allows, Dont let worries of not being able to do it all, keep you from seeing all. 

With this computer issue I dont know how often ill be able to post but just stay tuned and it'll work out the way it's spose too. eveyone loves a good suspense, haha!

                                                                                             Keep It Easy!

                                                                                            Yvonne Donate


                      Added Aug. 30 2015



Happy March 1, 2015 Readers,

I'm Baaaaack, lol .Took a short break from posting, to create some more recipes and projects , will be sharing new  easy recipe next weekend. 

In case you didn't know I usually post something new on the weekends. As a Single, working mother. It really is the only time I have to work on it and the projects and recipes. 

Thanks so much for your patience. I appreciate. 

March 29th is my birthday. and I'll be 4 _  yrs old, nope you'll have to figure it out. SO I might take a day or two off from the site for that, this way you know before hand. 


Spring is coming, yes, it may not seem like it but it really is on the way. So let's hang in there,shall we? :) 

Added some new contact info at the bottom of this page and the Contact us page. If you need to reach me Just DO IT, lol!


                                                                                                        Keep It Easy!

                                                                                                        Yvonne Donate - E.L.




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