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          As a single, full-time working Mom, I need easy. I don't know about you but even if I stayed                                 at home I wouldn't want to spend my time slaving over a hot stove after working all day,                                       (Yeah stay at home Moms ,I know you work hard too. I was a SAHM for many years,too )                                     we all want more time. More time to relax, more time with the kiddos, more time with the                                       hubby if you got one.

          My background - I was also raised by a Single mom in, who went to Interior Design school, and                              it was then I developed an eye for aesthetics, My mom says I know how to stage. At 17 I                                    gained a Step-dad who taught me wood-working. My very first project a Picture Frame, I can                                miter corners. I love to take old furniture and give it new life, Taking a dresser for instance                                    and turning it into a window seat, which I have done.I occassionally dumpster dive if I see                                    something with potential. 

          This site is dedicated to bringng you the best time saving, cheap(Yes I used that word) ,and                                 EASY ideas for getting more time to do the things you love. This site is not about preparing                                   fancy expensive time-saving meals and crafts. That's what restauarants are for.                                                   If its not easy you won't find it here, although occassionally I do share homemade.  

          SO go on enjoy life and all that extra time you are about to get.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Keep It Easy

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