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                                                       Green Energy Breakfast Smoothie

                            Smoothies are a great way to start the day, U can make 
                      and take with you. Saves time when your playing chaffeur 
                      to be able to have breakfast on the go.
                     There are a few things you can do to make smoothies a healthy 
                     option and still have it taste good! This particular one will give 
                     you an energy boost that will get you motivated to start your day.


             1 - 1/2 Cups frozen fruit ( I used Stawberry, banana, peach blend)
             1 Handful of Spinach
             1 Scoop of Egg White Protein powder
             1 Tablespoon Flaxseed Chia seed blend ( u can buy preblended)
             3/4 Cup Apple or favorite Juice 


                                            Blend all in blender til smooth, sip and enjoy! 



                                       No you dont taste the spinach. Those who are Gluten free 
                         will love the Egg white protein powder, no wheat in flaxseed either. 
                         Even if your not gluten senstive you'll enjoy the taste of this 
                         energizing  smoothie.  

                                                                                                     Keep It Easy!
                                                                                                     Yvonne Donate

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                                              Cinnamon Banana Smoothie


Since Smoothies are made with fruit, you can usually get a serving or two of fruits in your day. This is my easy smoothie recipe. Bananas have loads of potassium which is good for High Blood Pressure sufferers because it helps decrease the effects of sodium in the Diet. I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure at a relatively young age of 38. Did u know that if you use fat free or 1% milk you can add even more Potassium. But if you don't like that type of milk , It's ok to use whole or 2% its a matter of taste preference. Honestly I usually buy 2% milk, myself, sometimes 1%. 

I love this recipe because its simple and doesn't require yogurt, and since I don't like yogurt it's fine by me, lol! 

Cinnamon also has some health properties as it can help blood sugar, IBS, PMS, Memory enhancement, is a natural preservative and an anti-oxident Still if you have any of this smoothie left, please refridgerate , let's not put that preservative info to the test, shall we!  Ha! 


               1 Serving:

               1  1/2 cups Milk
               1  whole Banana , sliced
               1-2 TBSp Granulated Sugar
               1  TBSp Chocalate Milk Mix, Ovaltine, Nesquick, or Carnation I.B., Work best
               1  Tsp Cinnamon
               2-3 Ice cubes

               A second Tsp Cinnamon for garnish


              Directions:  Mix the ingredients in a blender until snooth,  pour into cup then sprinkle with 
              The second teaspoon of cinnamon 


                  NOTE: It's okay if you have little bits of ice as mainly Ice is used to make it cold



            Added Sept. 22, 2014