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Easy art projects that are also easy on the wallet.

Decor- Wall Art

Pallet Look Wall Clock

This wall art piece is unique, to say the least. I think im the fiirst
to come up with this idea as when i searched online, there were no
projects like it. There are similar pallet look items , such as coaster
but nothing that hangs on a wall. Until now. In my opinion this is
one of my best projects, and it's pretty easy to do too.


20 or so X-large Paint sticks

STOP: dont lecture me, I really didnt steal any they keep them
Behind the counters. I asked them if sold any, they said no, how
many do you need, we dont sell theses. I said 40, they gave me
40. They had twosizes, regular and extra large. Here in the
midwest, I guess peopleare just nicer about things. I only needed
about 17 as it turns out.

Wood Glue
Wood stain
A brush
Clock kit
Velcro patch


First before doing any glueing, set out your paint sticks so
you can figure out how many you need. Then apply stain to
The wood on one side. I applied stain to the plain side only.
I knew I would make the worded side face down.

Let dry, then using the wood glue the sticks together to make
it look like a pallet.

While the glue dries, assemble the clock and get your numbers
ready. Once everything is set arrange and glue on your numbers.
Place the clock box in the center and attach with velcro on the
back for easy battery changes.

Hang on your wall and enjoy your new unique piece of wall art!

A video tutorial::::::  


NOTE: in the video i stained half the wood, then glued. Then
stained the top. I was going to do something different for the
numbers, but my test piece didnt come out that well. Thats
                                  why the directions are different than the video.I also changed                                 the look by using Velcro to hang the clock box.

Keep It Easy!
Yvonne Doñate

Added August 6, 2016 


                                        Decor Wall Vases

            If you dont have much money, to spend on wall art, then here is
            the project for you. We all have some plastic flowers but maybe
            you dont have room on your tables for vases, or maybe you have
            young kids and youd rather not have glass within their reach to
            break. This solves that problem.


            WHAT YOU NEED:

            Cardboard , ( i bought cardboard at Walmart, $.58 and $.44in
                                office supply section)
            2 sheets Scrapbook paper , i had some on hand
            Hole Puncher
            Glue Stick
            Scotch tape

            Wire cutters

            Stickers (optional)


            WHAT YOU DO:

            With brown paper sack make a template for vases, make                                                                             sure there isabout a half inch extra at the top. I'm not good at                                                                         drawing but I still made 2, one tall and skinny & one short and                                                                       chunky. Then trace on your cardboard. Cut with scissors, bend                                                                     the little flap you made at the top of your vase. Glue your                                                                               scrapbook paper onto the cardboard. Then once
            dry trim excess. I chose not to glue paper to my flap, so it would                                                                   be easier to keep bent.


            Now use the hole punch to make to holes under the bend, and                                                                       punch 3-5 holes in the bended part as well. Now cut about 2 inches                                                               of twine and insert in the holes in the front under the bend, make                                                                   sure both ends are coming thru to the back and tie, making a knot.

            I applied butterfly stickers to mine.


           Take your wire cutters and cut off single flowers from the grouping,                                                                and trim off any extra greenery thats too low. Insert through the                                                                      holes in the bend making sure to have stems going beteen the twine                                                              and cardboard for easy hanging.

    NOTE: I also made some with Chalboard Decal,(great for kitchen) burlap
               tape, (more rustic), corkboard tape, (the tapes just needed to be                                                                    placed on in strips then remove the protective film to adhere very                                                                  easily to the cardboard and prepasted wallpaper also super easy                                                                    to apply.see the pic below


               This would make a great project for older kids to do for a homemade
               mother's day gift, Valentine or a birthday. I could see Mom's getting a
               Kick out of these. Or even Dad's for that matter.

                                                                      Keep it Easy!
                                                                    Yvonne Doñate

       Added July , 2016


                                    Tree Twig Picture Hanger


                  If your looking to bring a little nature inside, try this easy                                                                               5 minute project to hang your kids' artwork. Perfect for                                                                                 cabins, homes with rustic decor. Have a beach themed                                                                                 room use that driftwood you found on your last vacation. 


               WHAT YOU NEED:                            


                Kids Artwork                                                                                                                                               Scissors                                                                                                                                                     Yarn or Twine                                                                                                                                             Ruler
                Hole Puncher

                Spray Paint (OPTIONAL)

               Most of us have these things on hand. My cost on this project                                                                      cost is Zero, as I had all items on hand. Twigs or small branches                                                                  are found just walking around your  neighborhood


                WHAT YOU DO:

                First center the Hole Puncher at the top of the artwork                                                                                   you want to hang, and punch those holes.                                  
                Next measure out with your ruler 36inches of Yarn/Twine. 
                Then wrap the yarn around the twig 2 or 3 times and tie                                                                                 one end of the yarn to the Twig.  



             Run the loose end through two of the holes, then wrap and tie                                                                        it on the opposite end of twig. 

             There all done, now hang it up. you'll need two nails to hang one                                                                    for each end of the twig to keep it even. And don't forget to trim                                                                    off any excess Yarn/twine to clean it up a bit. 

                                                                                 Keep it Easy and Cheap! 
                                                                                   Yvonne Doñate, E.L.

          Added Jan. 25, 2015


                                            ChalkBoard Picture Project

          Recently I visited a major craft retail store, where I spied these                                                                     Chalkboard Pictures. This one in Particular retailed for $90.00,       


          I know right. I knew I could pull this look off for less, with                                                                             Chalkboard wall decals and a regular Picture frame. It so                                                                               happened I went to the Dollar General that weekend and                                                                               found this frame in their Half off of Clearance Sale, by now                                                                           you know I love Good sale. LOL. No more sticky notes save                                                                         the Planet people. And if your renting you can add a                                                                                     Chalkboard accent piece without doing something                                                                                         permanent.                                                                                                                                                 This 10 minute project is way to easy.                                     

          WHAT U NEED:
          Chalkboard Wall Decals                   $10.97
          Picture Frame                                   $1.80(my Price)
          Utility Knife or Box Cutter                $ Free if u have on Hand
          A Canned Good                               $.00 , u know u have some

           WHAT YOU DO:

           Open the picture frame from Packaging and remove the glass                                                                        from the Frame, you won't be needing the glass, Save it for                                                                          a future project if you like, I thought about Frosted Glass                                                                              Picture Frames.                                     
           Take the Cardboard from the frame and simply                                                                                              affix your Wall decal to the frame.

           TIP:  Be sure to put the decals on the side that                                                                                                    will be Showing through the frame. 

                    Smooth with your hand, if you have any bubbling                                                                                           use the canned good as a roller, and smooth it down. 


              Now put the chalk covered cardboard back in it's frame and                                                                           hang where you want.                                     
              This project literally took me less than 10 minutes to complete .

            An easy High End Look for way less than that $90.00 price                                                                           tag I spied at the store. This project cost me less than                                                                                   $15.00 but it may cost you less or more depending on                                                                                   How many frames u choose to do. You could do 3 or                                                                                     4 frames and group them around each other, or use                                                                                       a multi- picture frame like me. Your cost depends on                                                                                     your involvement, and where you purchase the frames.                                                                                 Don't forget to check out frames at your local thrift                                                                                       store to keep cost down. The priciest part of this project                                                                               is the wall decals themselves. But Self-sticking decals                                                                                 keep this project from being in my too time-consuming list. 


                                                         Keep it Easy! and Cheap! 
                                                                 Yvonne Doñate

                Added Dec. 29, 2014