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                                  EZ Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls

                           Kids and adults will love another twist to the
                           traditional cinnamon rolls. Simply delicious,
                           Convenience ingredients keep it EASY!



                  1 Tube Cinnamon Rolls

                  1 Can Apple Pie filling.
                  1/2 Cup Kraft Caramel Bits
                  1 Tbsp granulated sugar
                  1 Tbsp brown sugar

                  1/2 cup Krusteaz Crisp Topping
                   2 pats butter/margarine


                   Preheat oven according to package directions.                                                                                              Seperate and place rolls on a baking sheet.                                                                                                Mix 2 pats of melted butter with 1/2 cup Crisp
                   mix, place spoonfuls on rolls & Bake in the oven.

                   Meanwhile pour the apple pie filling on a plate,
                   use a knife to chop up apples in smaller pieces.
                   Then add apple pie filling to a Saucepan and
                   add in the caramels and sugars. Heat up to
                   medium to medium low heat . Melt the caramels
                   and blend in the filling in the pan.


                   Remove the cinnamon rolls from oven let cool about
                   10 minutes. Then place spooful of Caramel Apple mixture
                   evenly over the rolls. Next take the crisp topping and
                   sprinkle over the rolls, Lastly take the frosting packet
                   that came with the rolls and drizzle over the rolls.


                    Eat and enjoy as a breakfast roll or a snack.

                                                                                  Keep it easy!
                                                                                Yvonne Doñate

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                            EZ Chocolate Strawberry Italian/French Toast


               Looking for a yummy comfort breakfast main dish. Then
               look no furthur than this dish.
               This dish makes a great brunch dish to take to your next
               potluck and or a breakfast for dinner thing. You can use
               French Bread if u can't find an Italian loaf in your area. I liked
               The Italian Breads' larger sized slices than the french and
               honestly why should the french get all the fun, ha!
               best of all it uses actual chocolate spread. Not everyone
               is a hazelnut fan. Me included. This would also be a great
               Valentine's , mother's or father's day breakfast in beds.
               Kids, Dads, get to work! This Recipe takes about 20
               minutes to the table.


                4 Slices of Italian
                3 eggs
                1/2 TBsp Cinnamon
                Butter or nonstick spray as needed

                1 jar of Hershey's Chocolate Spread (found n the P.B. section)
                1 canister of Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread


                 For Flavored Syrup:::
                 1 cup Pancake Syrup
                 1/4 Cup of Strawberry Jam
                 1/2 Tsp Vanilla

                TIP: Any syrup can be made flavored by adding your FAVORITE
                        jam. Think of the possibilities!

                 A handful of Sliced Stawberries
                 A sprinkle or 2 of confectioners Sugar


                In a bowl mix the egg and Cinnamon together set aside.
               Then Spread Chocolate Spread on one side of 2 of the
                slices and Strawberry Cream Cheese on the other two
                slices. Marry one Chocolate and one strawberry
                together, do the same with the other pair of covered
                slices. Set aside.


               Now Preheat your frying pan and sauce pan.
               Make your flavored syrup. In a saucepan add the syrup,
               vanilla, and jam together. Mix Keep on low heat.


               Drop some butter in the pan and dip your sandwiches in
               The egg mixture. Then fry each side.
               Remove from heat place a few fresh sliced strawberries on
               your cooked bread & cover with your syrup. Then sprinkle
               with a little bit confectioners sugar.
               Eat and enjoy!

               NOTE: Double, triple ingredients etc... for more servings, this
                          particular recipe serves 1-2.

                                                                       Keep it easy!
                                                                     Yvonne Doñate

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                                                                       Easy Turtle Rolls

                      Looking  for a deicious sweet breakfast or snack.  Then try this
                      easy to make Cinnamon Turtle Rolls.


                     1 tube of cinnamon rolls
                     1 Pckg caramel sauce, found in Ice cream topping section         
                     1 Pckg of Chocolate Sauce, also found in I.C. topping section
                     1 cup of Walnuts, or Pecans


                      Preheat oven.
                      Prepare and bake cinny rolls as package directed, however set
                      aside frosting & refridgerate. I save mine for frosting Cinnamon
                      Raisin Bread, yum!
                      In the last 5 minutes of baking warm your sauces in the microwave.
                      NOTE: i used a new product by Breyer's & although the directions
                                 say microwave for 10 secs with cap off, I had to microwave
                                 mine for for a total of 40 seconds to get warm enough to
                                pour smoothly.

                     Drizzle  caramel sauce &  chocolate sauce, over. Then sprinkle
                     walnuts over & eat with enjoyment.
                     NOTE: you can use Pecans for a sweeter taste. I chose Walnuts
                                to balance the sweetness so its not to overpowering or rich.

                                                                                        Keep it Easy!
                                                                                       Yvonne Doñate

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                                                         Easy Fast Five: Breakfast Edition

              Looking to save a little time making Breakfast try these tips and you might just do that! 

1. To make scrambled eggs,  a restaurant yellow, take 5 eggs , break 3 as normal , take the remaining 2 and drain the egg white from the egg.
  Add just the  2 yellow yolk to the other 3 eggs, and your scrambled eggs will look restaurant yellow, when done. I dont know how the restaurant does it but this is how I do, and I feel its more natural than adding food color.

TIP: save the egg whites in an air tight container and the next you need only egg whites for that white cake, they will already be separated and ready to go. Just be sure to label the container with not only what , but quantity.

2. To make more moist restaurant style eggs just add a little milk, No it doesn't make more, like mom said, but it does make them moist And not as dry.

3. Do those pre-cooked breakfast sausage patties, seem a little tasteless, try frying them in the Bacon grease you saved, or just cooked the bacon in.  Adds a nice flavor that balances the meal.

4. Pancakes and Waffles seem a little boring, try adding a tsp or 2 of an extract flavor, and extracts have little to no calories. Adding Some banana extract is way easier than slicing a banana. Would you mind handing me those Chocolate Chips?

5. Love Bacon but cooking it Strip by Strip seems like too much work, Try slicing the bacon in half or even thirds,  then dump and cook it all at once in a pan. Now isn't that easier and less labor intensive than frying bacon slice by slice, ugh. Whatever you have Left is already in pieces for a recipe, too!

           And could someone Please pass the bacon? Ha! I LOVE BACON! Just not on my Ice Cream!


                                                                                                                          Keep It Easy!

                                                                                                                          Yvonne Donate

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                                                                   Deluxe Breakfast Waffle


                                          As a single working outside the home mom, I dont have the time or the inclination to cook breakfast on the weekday but, when the weekend comes, I typically get creative and busy in the kitchen. When my kids were younger, I spent a lot of time cleaning up those sticky syrup messes, but with this recipe, you won't have to worry about sticky messes,since the syrup is inside with everything else.



                                            2 cups of Baking mix, (Jiffy, Bisquick, Pioneer, or off brand)
                                                                        1/4 Cup Milk 
                                                                        1  Egg
                                                                    2 Tbsp of Oil
                                                       1    1/2  cup of Pancake Syrup
                                                            2  eggs, scrambled

                                                          3 slices of precooked Bacon


                                                TIP:  double the recipe, make extra then freeze individually for a grab-n-go Breakfast on the weekdays. Kids can toast them on low, like Pop-Tarts, or Microwave them. 




                            Preheat heat your Waffle Iron
                            1st Scrambled 2 eggs & set aside,  2nd cook bacon in microwave on high for 30 seconds, dry                               with a paper towel, & crumble, then set aside.

                            In a bowl mix the baking mix, milk, egg, then add the oil and syrup. Mixture will be                                                 lumpy.  Then add the eggs and bacon. 
                            Use a measuring cup and pour  1/2 Cup of batter into the waffle iron, for each waffle. I                                        prefer mine  crispy so I cook mine twice as long. 


        TIP: I placed my waffle iron on top of 3 layers of Paper towels, to catch batter                                                               drippings. Just don't leave it unattended, they may call it a fire hazard. I have had no fire issues but                       still do be careful. Clean up is a breeze though, by doing this. 






                It took me 30 minutes to serve 3 kids & me. And there was No need for syrup since it was already                         sweetened with syrup. Easy clean-up is a plus. Serve with some fruit, and Orange juice & you'll                             have a well-balanced breakfast which gives plenty of energy for your busy weekend. 

                                                                                                           Keep It Easy!
                                                                                                         Yvonne Doñate

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                                                           Potato Benedict Scramble


                                           I don't have the opportunity to cook breakfast on 
                                      weekdays usually its a bowl of cereal or fruit.  Typically 
                                     On the weekends though I try to cook breakfast of some 
                                     sort, from beignets, waffles to eggs. Here is one breakfast 
                                      dish I came up with after having something similar at a 
                                     famous restaurant. On the easy scale its not super easy but 
                                       more of a moderately easy. It is 30 minutes to the table, 

                                    So easy enough to share it here, prep is kept simple with the
                                                 Use of convenience foods.

                                                       To serve 4

                                             6      Hashbrown Rectangles
                                             8      Eggs
                                             8      Slices Bacon, I used Pre-cooked, Crumbled
                                             8      Breakfast Sausage Links, Brown and Serve, crumbled
                                             1      Gravy Mix packet
                                             1/2   Cup Shedded Cheese
                                                     Salt and Pepper to taste


                                    Preheat oven 425*
                                    Bake the hashbrown rectangles in the oven for 20-25 mins. 

                                    Meanwhile brown the sausages in a small fry pan, crack and 
                                    mix the eggs. And prepare the gravy mix according to mix 

                       TIP:  to avoid lumpy gravy be sure to mix the powder miix with cold water first                                                                before adding it to the boiling water. 



                    Arrange the pre-cooked bacon on a paper plate to microwave it for 1-2 minutes. 
                    Cook & Scramble the eggs , remove the sausage from heat set aside. 
                    Remove the bacon from the microwave.  Remove the hashbrowns from the oven. 

                                       Assemble your benedict

                                       Place the hashbrowns on your plate 1 for kids and 2 for adults.

                                       Then top with eggs then the bacon and sausage cover all with 
                                       Gravy and top with about 1/8 cup shredded cheese per person, 
                                       season with salt & pepper to taste. 



                   While there are a few steps to this meal. Its a good filling satisfying weekend breakfast. It is                                  definitely worth the trouble. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Keep it Easy! 
                                                                                                     Yvonne Doñate

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