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                                             Stenciled Pillowcase Project:
                                  Fabric Painting;  An Alternative to NeedleCrafts

                          If your like me, you may not have time for needlework crafts 
                          like crocheting, quilting or knitting. I have the utmost repect for 
                          those That have the patience for these endeavors. I myself, have 
                          no patience at some things, and when it comes to crafting and 
                          creating, I have no patience to wait to see results. So if your 
                          like me, then I must suggest an easier way to craft with fabric.

                           Fabric Paints can also be found in the craft section of the store.                                                                                Comes in a variety of colors, just be careful to read the labels, 
                           Some fabric paint is washable and can be washed out. So be sure 
                           To choose fabric paint that is tougher than water. 

                            Here are a couple of projects I just did with fabric paint.


          What you need :

          Fabric pillowcase
          Fabric paint              ($3.97)
          Paper plate to use as a palette
          Painter's  tape
          I had all but the fabric paint on Hand 



           Put some newspaper down then spread the fabric you want 
           to paint, on top of it.  Tape your stencil to the area of the fabric 
           you want to paint. Put a little of the paint on the paper plate,
           trust me when stenciling fabric, you'll have plenty of paint left 
           over. Use your brush to brush paint over the stencil on the fabric.
           Then Let dry for 4-5 hours.  


           It takes less than 10 mins, to paint, that keeps this project on my 
           easy list. It's easy to paint, and the results are quickly attained
           using the fabric paint. 
           A lot of what you can paint can be used as gifts to, and can allow 
           you to personalize without the hassle of embroidery work.


               Other items besides pillowcases, you can use and personalize                                                                                   with Fabric Paint are: Curtains, sheets, slip-covers, tablecloths,                                                                                 fabric  placemats, runners, luggage, t-shirts, lamp shades,                                                                                         fabric storage cubes and fabric shower curtain. 
                So go on and customize your fabric in your decor.  And do it                                                                                   the easy way, just paint it. :)

                                                                                                    Keep it Easy!
                                                                                                  Yvonne Doñate

                    Added March 22, 2015



                          Stone Look Bathroom Accessory Project: High End Look for Less


                         I have yet to see Stone looks in bathroom so I figured I                                                                                            would create some, when I wanted something different                                                                                            in my bathroom. This project is way too easy as all it                                                                                                recquires is a can of Stone accent spray paint.  With this                                                                                            paint u can dress up those plain ceramic accessories into                                                                                          something a little more high end without the high-end prices. 


                                       What you need:

        1  Can Stone Accent Spray Paint  (my cost $3.00, was on clearance)
        1  Ceramic Soap Dish                            (90 cents, clearance)
        1  Ceramic  Toothbrush Holder          (90 cents clearance)
        1  Ceramic Soap Dishwasher            (90 cents clearance )
        Painters Tape                                          No cost already On hand
        Box-cutter/ Utility knife                      No cost already On hand

         Total cost  for me was          $5.70 


             NOTE: If u already have ceramic accessories on hand u will only 
             need to buy the paint. If u dont have, you can keep cost down by 
             shopping thrift stores for what you need.  I found my bathroom 
             accessories at Dollar General for 75% off of Clearance, they
             were about to do inventory. Which I talked about in the Easy
             Moneysavers section.  





     Tape off sections that you dont want to paint with painters tape. 

     Score and remove any excess tape with your utility knife.  

     Then spray paint your items and let them dry. 


                    Drying time will 
                     Take 2-3 hours or possibly longer depending how                                                                                                    deeply you sprayed, this paint is textured so it takes                                                                                                  a while. But I know you've  got other things to do                                                                                                      while its drying. I did turn over the soap dish to                                                                                                        paint the bottom and let dry another couple of 



              I like this project final look. It really gives your bathroom a                                                                                       more dressier appeal. Plus thenew texture of the items dont                                                                                     show fingerprints and smudges dont show up, which can                                                                                         make your day  easier since you wont be cleaning them as                                                                                       often. Anything thats easy to make, and easy maintence is                                                                                       a wonderful thing. 


               Other things you can use this stone accent spray paint on are: 
               lamps, vases, flower pots, candle holders, kleenex holders and 
               of course garden accessory pieces. This is a great way to add 
               some texture into your design and decor. 

                                                                                 Keep it easy!
                                                                             Yvonne Doñate, E.L

          Added  March  15,  2015



                                        Cork Coaster Magnet

                 If you've got some left-over fabric laying around then this                                                                                        project may be the thing to personalize your home office,                                                                                        with a lil bit of something crafty. 


          What you need: 
          Cardboard ( I used Cereal boxes)
          Coaster pack                    ($3.84)
          Fabric swatch                    ($.97)
          Magnetic Buttons            (1.94)
          Cool whip or other lid
          Ice cream Pint lid
          Glue  (I used fabric glue)


                               NOTE: (Don't buy the Coaster pictured, Too thin, I had to go back to                                                                                                              Wal-mart & buy ja pack of  plain cork coaster for a few dollars more.)

                     1st trace a circle on the cardboard using the cool whip lid as a                                                                                  template. Cut your circle out of cardboard.


                  Then use the Ice Cream pint lid to trace a smaller circle inside                                                                                    your circle so you can make a ring. Be sure to center it. 

                   TIP: to cut center out poke a hole in the very center and cut a + sign                                                                               to the inner line. Then it should be easier to cut out the center.  


           TIP: you can use your "Donut" to make another "donut"

           Next place your "donut" on the Fabric and cut out a square around it.  


             Next apply glue to the side of the "donut" you don't want                                                                                        to see and press the fabric on it and let dry 2 hrs before                                                                                            trimming the around the ring. 

                                   NOTE: be sure are gluing the back side of the fabric to the ring.


            Trim the ring and you can bend a little to cut the center. 
            Affix the coaster to the back of the ring using glue. I had wood                                                                              glue on hand so I used it. Give it a good press or two and                                                                                       allow to dry, about 1 hr.


                  Affix the button magnets to the back of the coasters, simply                                                                                     peel and press! I used 3 magnets per coaster.


                 Then hang and push your pins in. 

                   This is is about 30 minutes of work time and 3 hours of drying                                                                                  time which means you can get plenty of other things done while it dries.
                   And using things you have in home like lids as drawing templates keeps                                                                 it easy & CHEAP! 


                                                                                               Keep it Easy!
                                                                                             Yvonne Doñate

             Added Jan. 25, 2015


        Frosted Glass Project

      If you have some glassware that seems plain and                                 ordinary, consider this easy project that takes                                 about 30 minutes actual work time. 

    What you'll need: 
    Painters tape
    A spray can of Frosted Glass Paint
    Stickers or peel-able wall cling shapes
    A utility knife or box cutter
    A Vase, Votive Holder, or other glassware


     Note: if u don't have any glassware but want                                    to try this easy project, I purchased two                                        plain glass Votive holders for 77 cents and                                      the Vase for 97 cents at Wal-mart. Check                                        thrift stores and flea-markets for deals too

    Use painters tape to tape off sections of glass                                 you  DON'T want painted, including adding                                       stickers of shapes or letters. I used peal-able                                 butterfly wall clings.                                                      


      Shake your can of Frosted Glass paint, then                                     spray paint over the entire surface of the                                       vase and/or other glassware. 


      Let dry and apply a second and/or 3rd                                           coat,drying in between. I went for                                               lightly frosted 1-coat. 

      Once your done with all the spray painting                                       and its dry, I let mine dry overnight.
      Remove the tape and peel-able stickers.You                                       may need to score the tape and stickers                                         before removing. This is where the utility                                       knife comes in handy.

      My best advice is be creative, you can make                                     these Vases have Stripes, horizontal or                                         vertical or simple shapes like squares and                                       triangles, or you can use shapes birds,flowers,                                 or simply use letters and spell , L-o-v-e,or                                     some other meaningful word.


     Have fun with it.  I like this project because                                  it can fit any taste or preference and any decor.

     And it is easy, and not time-consuming or tedious. As                            a single mother, my time is valuable, as I know it                              is to you too whether your single or not, man or                                woman, parent or not, we all just want more time,                                & more easy.  

     NOTE 2:I found various types of Spray paint,                                           including Glitter Spray paint  (think                                           accessory in a child's room , Mirror                                             (think really classy decor piece for                                             a more formal space or centerpiece)                                             and Christmas is coming, would make                                             great homemade gifts or a decor piece                                           for the Holly. There is even chalkboard                                         spray paint you can make a cute vase                                             for the kitchen and write notes and                                             reminders, Save a tree and stop buying                                           sticky notes,ha!


       Cost Breakdown:
    If You already have the Vases and                                               painters tape The cost will be less. 

    My cost $8.45 For 3 decorative frosted                                           glass pieces

    Time Breakdown:
    I spent 30 minutes actual work time.                                             Did not include drying time Since your                                           not really working ,ha. 

    If you have an easy, less expensive crafting                                     project, Please share it in the comment box                                     below, and it could be featured on the site. 

                               Thank you, Keep it Easy!
                                   Yvonne at E.L.

          Added Sept 27, 2014