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                The Three "BEST" Gluten Free Recipes U need to try.

                Here at Easy Living, I'm doing something different
                this week I'm sharing three different recipes by other
                bloggers, so there will be plenty of Links to the recipes
                and bloggers who created them. Although I did tweak
                some of them and I'll tell you how. These are simply the
                Best gluten free recipes I've come across. Not only are
                they GFree but low in Carbs and all taste better and
                hold up better than their Storebought countertops. Even
                if your not Gluten-Sensitive, you'll love a couple of healthier
                versions to food.


               1. Gluten-Free,Low Carb, Nut Free Bread!
                If your looking for a gluten free low carb bread that doesnt
                fall apart, taste like paper or taste like almonds. Then I've
                got bread for you. This bread has only 4 ingredients with
                the tweak I made. 3 without my tweak, no yeast, no
                punching dough. Easy to make. Bakes in 35-40 mins.

                I was Hugely skeptical of this "Bread" & it smelled
                pungent, whiich inspired me to add 1/4 cup of honey
                after the Whey,salt & egg yolk. This did not improve the
                smell but my bread sure taste great, Ha! I also drizzled
                honey over the top right after removing it from the oven.
                Honey is healthy, lol!
                In short, don't be fooled by the smell. You can make a
                sandwhich with bread that doesn't crumble, at last!



                My kids and I have a standing joke about Oprah's Bread
                Commercials. Ive never lost weight eating bread but I might
                lose 26 lbs eating this bread! HA!

                2. Gluten Free Moist Cake

                This is not a blog recipe but the Recipe was in an insert
                0n the unflavored whey protein package. They do have
                a website where I believe you'll find the recipe. Again this
                is a recipe that won't disappoint. I've had gluten free cake
                recipes and some are okay, but dry, or too starchy, the
                rice flour. But here is one that is neither of those things.
                It does taste coconutty, but it is hands down one of the
                best G-Free , Low Carb cakes I've eaten.


                The original recipe made enough for 4-6 cupcakes.
                The only tweaking I did was tripling the amounts for
                a small dinette cake. I also used different brand of Vanilla                                                                                                                                                                   whey protein mix. The recipe is from their Neoplitan                                                                                                                                                                           cake, I made it easy just making the Vanilla Cake.


                3. G-Free Lower Carb Grahm Crackers

                Here is another G-Free Recipe that pleasantly Surprised me.
                It's summer and I want Smores but I am looking to cutback on
                wheat, so I had to try this recipe.

                I made some Tweaks to this recipe. Instead of using 2 cups
                almond flour, I used 1 cup almond flour & 1 cup of Oat Flour.
                I also used light Brown Sugar in place of Sverve Sweetener,
                and I added 1/4 cup of Honey in stead of Molasses.


                These cookie/crackers taste a bit like gingerbread without
                adding ginger. They would be good with vanilla frosting as
                well as smores. I cut a few Star shapes for some Patriotic
                Smores. Which makes it a good thing to make homemade
                so you can add shapes for various Holidays and events.


                Gluten Free doesnt have to be a tasteless paper affair.
                Or an overdose on nut protein. Gluten free food can be tasty                                                                         satisfying and good tasting for everyone.

                                                                               Keep it Easy!
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