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                                              Man Cave Bottlecap Clock


                If your looking 4 a Man's gift thats different and handmade by you, and maybe
                you just had a party and your throwing out bottlecaps like craz... "STOP, Ihave
                an idea for those, lol.
                This project took me about 35 minutes to complete not including drying time & u
                know me, i'm always in a hurry and on to the next thing. Im sure some of yours will
                look better than mine simply because your taking your time, but at least you have
                the general gist of the idea, now right.


                                     What you need:

                A large glass plate
                A Cheap Clock with a flat rim around it (purchased mine at Walmart for $3.97)
                Bottle caps  (these can be free if you drink beer out of a bottle)
                          (but i purchased mine thru amazon, 100 for $2, since I dont drink)
                A bottle of Super glue
                A small hand saw ( your gonna feel so handy, haha!)
                A screwdriver



                Use your screwdriver to loosen all screws. Then remove the glass and outer rim.
                Now this is the tricky part. Take your saw and saw downto the clock flat
                base of the outer rim. Repeat this a few times sawing about 2 inches.  Then using
                your Thumbs for leverage break off the each 2 inch piece, for the most part,
                if your lucky, you should have an 1/8 or 1/4 inch of flat black rim to adhere to
                the plate.


                TIP: dont 4get to keep some nail polish remover handy, to remove unwanted


                Next super glue the clock face to the plate, I glued mine to the top side but you
                could do it either way.
                Then start gluing your bottlecaps around the clock until completed.  Pay close
                Attention to how the bottlecaps are going on for a more dressier look, or to keep it
                easy just glue randomly with no particular design.


                Let dry.  Then wrap or hang of course!


                Your man will be so impressed that you used a saw, and thought of him by taking
                 time to make a homemade gift. You'll probably get a dinner out of it, maybe even
                 a proposal, ha!

                                                                                                        Keep it Easy!
                                                                                                       Yvonne Doñate

                      Added Sept 13, 2015