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                               5 Winter Tips to help you save money.


     1. Winter Coat tip. 

It seems like I'm buying my kids a new coat every year, sometimes due to some sort of zipper mishap. One thing you can do to help Zippers last longer is use Chapstick , run it up and down, both sides of zipper, re-apply once a month during the winter months, this should help your zippers last a little longer.




     2. Tire Pressure tip- 
When have YOU checked your tire pressure, I said YOU, not the mechanic, Ha! As soon as cold weather hits usually the air in your tires decreases. I am a single mama and guess what? I check mine every other day during the winter and at least once a week in the summer.  It's really easy and your tires actually tell you on them, what the recommended pressure is. There is a Mininum  and Maximin recommendations from the car manufacturer as well. Next time your in your mechanics, ask him to show how to check.  Ladies you have no excuses, lol. I am a lady, I wear dresses, make-up and like pretty things and I still know how to use a tire pressure gauge. Believe it or not, their are some men who know nothing about this.  I see it all the time when I am waiting to put air in my tire. People not using guages. Think how impressed the man will be on your 1st date when you notice his tire looks low and you pull out your tire pressure gauge out of your purse and check. Ha!     


Tip: When you purchase a new set of tires, mechanics often put the mininum this is the recommendation for comfort, but be aware that the maximum is for Gas mileage. Having your tires at the max will give you better gas mileage which could save you money.  
Tire Pressure Gauges cost a couple of dollars and are small enough to fit in your handbag. 

Here is a video to show you Just How easy it is to Check your tire pressure.


     3. Holiday Decorating Tip
Every year holiday decorating can be a costly affair. There are so many neat Decorations that catch the eye or the heart every year. This year I spied some canvas prints for sale for nearly $40, And thought why not save money by covering my frames in Giftwrap.  


Not only does covering your frame save money and is easy to do, took me less than 10 minutes, but you don't have to worry about storing the prints, either. Most of us have wrapping paper , most of us have Artwork in our homes.  Most of us have the scissors and tape too. So this CAN be a no cost solution to holiday decorating. 


Be sure to leave the back unwrapped so u can hang it back up, as pictured.
Be sure to align your Giftwrap for proper viewing, as you see my Santas are sideways, Ha! 


NOTE: Are u hosting a baby shower, Birthday party or wedding reception, you can wrap your paintings with the apprpriate festivity paper for a quick, easy and low-cost decorating solution.  And dont forget to recycle, when the holiday or party is over, It is paper after all. 

     4. Humidifier Tip- 

My paternal grandmother had a wood stove, and I remember asking her why she had a pan of water on top of it. She explained it was a "humidifier" in so many words or less. 
You too can have this "humidifier" on a regular stove. Of course it only works when your oven is on, so if your spending a saturday baking for the holidays, be sure to try it. 

All stoves have a vent for the oven that is under one of the burners. By placing a pan of water on that particular vent, u too can add moisture to the dry winter air, when your oven is on. The water won't boil unless you turn on the burner, but you'll still need to add water every so often, as the water evaporates in the air. 


 (Stove Vent)

TIP: Keep a pan of water on the stove at all times, then every time the oven is on it is ready to go. And be sure to keep an eye on that water level and refill when needed. 

     5. Energy Cost saver-

Winter means Holiday decorating, and that could mean higher energy costs, but u can do something to help your budget low, Keep those lights on a Timer.   


They do make outdoor timers for those Christmas lights, that turn on at dusk and turn off 2,4, or 6 hours later. I usually had mine set for 4 hrs. Those lights don't need to be on ALL night, aren't most of us in bed asleep at 2AM. Not to mention hooking up the timer means you don't have to go outside in the cold to turn them off and on. Ughh! Save the planet, people! Ha! Our Christmas Gift to mother nature should be conserving her resources, now doesn't that sound smart,lol



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                                                        Easy Shopping Tip; The stores probably don't want you to know about!


     You can pick up great deals by shopping during a store's  inventory period, often stores begin marking down up to a month before they actually have inventory. The closer to inventory, the cheaper it gets. Often times they are trying to get rid of as much productas they can so they don't have to count it. Sometimes they  will give  50% off of clearance items also, this can be a good clue that they are preparing for inventory. Another indicator is this: when you begin to see that they have a lot of outs they may be preparing for inventory. Many stores either don't order product or just enough to fill. They want less stuff to count. If the shelf is pretty bare, on necessities like Shampoo take a look around there may be good markdowns elsewhere in store. 


     I found this pair of running shoes for $1.00 . I had heard the store was preping for inventory, these went on sale too weeks before. So I bought 2 pairs and a pair of slippers all for $1.00 each.  This same store had Tv's, school supplies and an abundance of clothing for men, women and kids, all  marked down at great prices. If your into crafting, during inventory is a good time to pick up spare fabric even, in that bin for fabric that was either a mistake or left-over. That usually gets marked down to for inventory. This is also a good time to ask a Dept Manager for that Discount, or haggle over price. What's the worst that could happen, they say no.


     End of season sales aren't the only time to find a great deal. Next time your in your fav store ask an associate what month their Inventory time is, (Sadly Inventory usually does not take place during the Holiday season, sad right? LOL! ), mark it on your calendars, then keep checking and take a thorough look around. Keep an open mind and don't go with with a set list. Odds are you won't find a great deal on what your looking for but you'll find a great deal on something that appeals to you.

Yes I know how to shop, lol!   

                                                                                                              Keep it Easy and Keep it cheap,
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