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Easy crafts to draw in the Easter bunnies.


                                     Simple Easter Egg Wreath

               Need a low -cost easy craft project for easter, i've got
               this. This craft project requires no painting, just a glue.

                        WHAT U NEED:
                        Egg template
                        Pastel  Paint Chips( you know  paint card
                        samples from paint section, which are
                        generally free)
                        Cardboard (cut into a wreath shape)(I used Cardboard from a Calendar packaging)
                        Scissors and or a utility knife
                        Glue Sticks
                        2 bowls, 1 large, 1 medium                    


                                   WHAT TO DO:
                           using your template draw on back of paint
                           chip cards the egg shape. Then using scissors cut the
                           "Eggs". Then using your bowls draw a wreath on the
                           cardboard then use either the scissors or utility knife
                           or both cut out the wreath shape. Then glue your eggs
                           around the wreath til covered.

          TIP: Turn the large bowl over to cut the inner circle as you would use a sawhorse.


              This project cost me $0.00 Paint chips are free everything else I already had on hand.

               Inexpensive and EASY!
                                                                                  Keep it Easy!
                                                                                Yvonne Doñate


   Added February  28, 2016