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Ez Decor Party tips you probably forgot about. 



                                                        Easy Fast Five: Halloween

                                   I love dressing up for Halloween even now. Its is the start
                             of the Holidays for me. Here are 5 easy ideas you can use during
                             this festive time.

                        1.  Having a party and need an easy decoration, Simply buy a bag of
                             balloons and affix eyes on it in a haphazardly, cheap and quick 
                             is always good.

                   I added some to dowells so small children can play with & carry around!

                        2. Want to dress up a blow pop for the kids make, a ghost using
                            Kleenex, a marker, and a small white rubber band. You can also
                            make pens for the office just attach using floral tapethen cover
                            withe the kleenex and voila cutesy festive pens.

                                These are Ghost Pins for the office

                       3. Need a selfie booth backdrop but dont have time to make or maybe
                           like me your not very good at artwork, Ha! Use a Halloween door

                                                          Selfie Model My Daughter Brooke B. 

                      4.  Need a fast to make decoration place paper muffin cups over a
                           string of lights, hang and light it up! For a special effect use large foil
                           and small festive ones inside, turning all inside out. Gives out a nice
                           glow.  Most of us have holiday lights, & cupcake liners are inexpensive. 

                      5. I live in an apartment and its just not feasible to light up a pumpkin. But                                                         I came up with these easy solution, Pumpkin Bag Luminaries, It seems                                                         that luminaries are only seen at Christmas, and why? their easy and                                                             actually can be made to fit any Holiday. You can line your walk with these                                                     Halloween night, something different in the neighborhood that will get noticed                                                 unless everyone is reading my blog. HaHaHa. I need to be honest its a little                                                   tedious poking the holes but well worth for the extra light glow.These bags are                                               3 for $1 at Walmart in the HallMark Cards and Giftwrap section.


                               Hope you enjoyed this Halloween edition of Easy Fast Five!
                               Hoildays don't have to be expensive or time-consuming, to have
                               have a great time or make it special.

                                                                                                       Keep it Easy!
                                                                                                      Yvonne  Doñate

                      Added Oct. 11,  2015