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                                                                   Minneapolis Home Show Part 1 of 2:
                                                            2 Household products that can make your life easier. 


       I just had the opportunity to stop by the Minneapolis Home show this weekend and saw all sorts of amazing things. Then thought            about what I should be writing about  that is in keeping with being Easy. 


       1. The first product I viewed was the Simple really easy to use was something called The Gripstic . Simply put this easy to use                        product seals your unused bag of chips better than a clip. The seal is complete. They have a Website so I believe they will                         ship. ( sorry I saw so many products, I can't remember exactly who said they'd ship and who were local) The product comes in                   a colorful multipack is inexpensive. And extremely easy to use. I am kind of kicking myself that I didn't buy a pack. Your chips                   won't get stale, the bread will last longer. To use Gripstic simply fold the bag in half creasing it then slide the yellow worm                         looking thing under the folded part and the straw looking part over, what you get is a completely sealed item. And that my                       friends can help you Save money. 


             2. The next product I saw was something called the U Can Click It. It is a super easy to use hot or cold packs. I forgot how to                         use it cold. ( Are you kidding it was 10 degrees , I was looking for warm, Ha!)  but I re bear the explanation for how to                                 use warm, Simply click the corner and starts the warming like a glow stick, you'll hear a popping sound. When it loses its                           warmth simply boil in some water for a few minutes and re-pop it. ( I forgot to ask about the microwave, you'll have to                              check on that.)  but I know one thing it's pretty ease to use.  (Unfortunately I just downloaded my pics and discovered I                              had none of this product, Darn it)

                          Product Info: 

                          U Can Click It  
                          P.O. box 191
                          Rice, MN 56367

                          First 2 Market Products
                          25671 Ft. Meigs Road, Suite A
                          Toll free 855-GRIPSTIC
                          Fax: 419-873-1988

              If you haven't been to a home show, maybe because you don't own a home and think there is nothing there for you. I                                must encourage you to reconsider. There are plenty of household products at home shows from cookware


      to eyeglass & Jewelry cleaner,


        and other assorted goodies Like teeth whitener  and massages you can do on site. 



      Thanks for having me Home Shows Minneapolis, I had a lot of fun. 

     AND a special Shout out to an unnamed special friend, ( He knows who he is)  who I reconnected with at the show. It was good                seeing you and hopefully.  we will meet again. 
Maybe it's time YOU flew to Omaha, you can come for dinner, I'll cook,  you                        don't need a project in town to visit Omaha & see me, but if you do,  I can make a to do list, I do have a lightbulb that needs                    changeing in the bathroom. ha!

                                                                                                                                                    Keep it Easy!
                                                                                                                                                  Yvonne Donate

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